Explorer Photography
Explorer Photography
Portrait, Advertising, Event, and Photojournalism Photography Services
Offering Semi-Pro Photography
Specializing in Glamour/Erotic Digital Work, Photojournalism of Motorcycle Events, & Promo Photos for Business Advertising
"Having studied photography while in college and being a hobby photographer for many years working with both 35mm and digital media, I received increasing requests for my photography work before turning it into a part-time business. I now offer a photography service that is more economical than using an actual professional studio, but with near studio quality results. Since turning what I call "semi-pro", I have done many photography jobs for individuals, businesses, and magazines. My model shoots and photojournalism shots have appeared in magazines such as Wide Open Motorcycle and Cycle Connections, and on KC Channel 9 Television as well as other newspapers and websites."

Your Portrait Shoot

The most important person to please with a photograph is the subject. When taking portraits and especially glamorous or erotic portraits, the first thing to find out is what the subject likes most about themselves. Whether it be eyes, lips, breasts, legs, buttocks, back, etc., everyone has a part or parts of their body that they are particularly proud of. My goal in a photo shoot is to accentuate and showcase those things that the subject feels are their best points and at the same time, camouflage what the subject sees as their flaws. Each person and each photo shoot is individual and so can entail pretty much anything you want or imagine. Many photo shoots partly include some fantasy role-play as well as the more general photos. Some examples of this are dressing up as a cowboy, a soldier, a biker, a dominatrix, a slave, a stripper, etc. Props and sometimes shoot locations can be used to achieve these fantasy themes. I keep a large collection of clothing and props on hand in the studio for people to look through to get ideas and also encourage you to bring things from home.
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We specialize in the use of costumes and props to achieve your fantasies in photos.