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Shoot Locations and Charges

What I offer is an economical alternative to going to a full time dedicated studio for your photographic needs and many say it is also more relaxing. I maintain an area in my home with a backdrop, lighting, costume wardrobe, props (including custom motorcycle), etc. for taking portraits and you are treated as if you are a friend just coming over to visit. As my schedule allows, I can also do shoots at another location. If you are picking a location, be careful of background clutter and lighting. For example, those that want to use a stage and pole for stripper fantasy photos have used a strip club while it was closed as a location before. The basic charge for a photo shoot is $75. Each photo that is edited and either transferred to a CD-R, DVD, or printed on photo paper are $3 each to cover editing time and the costs of CD-R’s, etc. Prints in any size can be calculated at $0.15 per sq. in. We can print sizes up to 11" X 13" in house and have access to outside printing equipment that can go as large as 4' X 8'. Expenses incurred for travel and other expenses for shooting at a remote location are to be reimbursed. However, these expenses are negotiable and are often prorated according to whether the location is someplace I want to go to and do other things while I’m there besides the photo shoot. I have a very busy schedule with my main occupation, but I will do my best to get your photo shoot scheduled.
Costumes such as this naughty schoolgirl costume and many others are available for your use.
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We specialize in the use of costumes and props to achieve your fantasies in photos.