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Explorer Photography

Quick Tips To Better Photos

Explore any and all ideas that you would like to try ( it doesn’t matter whether they all work or not, digital files delete easily ). Take inventory of what you think are your best features. Do hair and makeup as fresh before the shoot as possible. I do have books with makeup tips for glamour photography if wanted. There are a number of professional makeup artists in the KC area that are used by professional models and could be used if you wanted to hire one of them. Eat very lightly the day of the shoot. Wear only loose clothing to avoid creating red marks on the skin that might show after wardrobe changes. If you wish, have a couple glasses of wine or something to help you relax, but be careful to not drink too much as alcohol changes your skin colors as well as affecting your ability to concentrate on your ideas and poses. Relax, imagine, fantasize, and have fun!

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We specialize in the use of costumes and props to achieve your fantasies in photos.